Best Place for Penang Gifts and Souvenirs


You can’t go to Hawaii without getting a coconut bra, or visit Thailand without picking up a pair of hippie pants. While there aren’t any quintessentially “Penang” gifts, there’s a cool little store in Georgetown that carries an array of uniquely Malaysian items, many of which are hand-crafted by local artists, and all are surprisingly affordable. Whether you need to buy a special gift, or you’re looking for interesting souvenirs, head to 41 Living Story at 41 Love Lane in Georgetown. (And no, I’m not getting paid to promote them – I genuinely like this cute little shop and since friends always ask me where to go to get Penang souvenirs, I figured it was time to post this).


Set in an old, well-preserved historic Penang home, it’s an interesting place to visit even if you’re not a shopper. Check out this beautiful inner courtyard:


But if you are there to shop, they’ve got everything from beautiful, historic old Chinese post cards, to Malaysian batik items (including napkins, pouches, shirts – you name it), gorgeous handmade jewelry, cheongsam vases, and even mahjong sets. Photos are far better than words, so how about I just show you some of what they’ve got on offer:

hand made jewelry

Local artist hand-make uniquely designed jewelry, and they’re shockingly affordable. Some of these one-of-a-kind necklaces start at just RM40. The one on the right definitely has a Game-of-Thrones vibe going on, right?


Whatever you can cover in batik, they’ve got it available for purchase here. From coasters to notebooks and everything in between.


These pretty ceramic tiles depicting Penang shophouses are pretty cool. I’m a terrible shopper, so I have no idea what you’d do with these, but I still think they’re cute.


These are tiny half-vases with a magnet on the back so you can stick them on your fridge or anywhere else that’s metal. They are the perfect gift for anyone who has cats, because as those of us with cats know, our naughty furry friends will gleefully knock over any damn vase sitting on a table.


These super cool Chinese boxes would make an awesome gift, and for RM45, you kinda can’t go wrong.


They’ve also got mounted prints of unique Penang sights from local artists.


These old-school hair pins are pretty amazing, but just don’t ask me how to get them to make your bun stay in place. My all-time record is about 3 seconds.


If ceramic beads are your thing, they’ve got tons of handmade beads in necklaces, bracelets and earrings.


Aren’t those old prints cool? I think they may be ads from the 50s. 


Really not sure who needs a nail clipper featuring a 1950s Chinese lady…


Who knows what this is – a ceramic button? A coaster? Whatever it is, it’s pretty.



I was like “who would buy silk pouches for tissues?” And then my friend bought 5 of them.



They even have antique furniture for sale.


And how could you survive without a mirror featuring a padded cat as its cover?!

Happy shopping!

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