Oktoberfest…in Penang?!


My friends, prepare yourselves for the party of the year: Oktoberfest in Penang. Block off October 21 and 22, 2016 on your calendar (and October 23 for hangover recovery), charge up your cameras, and grab your lederhosen and dancing shoes for a wild, memorable event.

Who would have ever thought that one of the best Oktoberfest parties in the world would be held in Malaysia?! Not me, that’s for sure. But last year’s event, thrown by the Malaysian-German Society (MGS), was one of the most fun nights of our lives, and it looks like it’ll be just as exciting this year.


I have no idea who those two dudes are in the front. They were just dancing with us and having a great time, and that’s what makes this party so fun.

Once again, MGS is flying out an entire band from southern Germany to play at Oktoberfest. If Bayernman Die Partykracher is anything like the incredibly talented band MGS flew out last year – Froschhaxn Express – the dance floor will be once again crowded with lots of smiling people laughing, singing and dancing to oompah music and everyone’s favorite cover songs.


Sorry this photos is so blurry. The person who took our dance floor shots – who shall remain nameless – was rather top-heavy and foggy-eyed at this point. Those steins hold a lot of beer!

In addition to beer – lots of beer – and German foods for sale (including real Bavarian pretzels, which are heaven on earth!), there are also traditional games like arm wrestling and team chugging, which are hilarious to watch, and even funnier to participate in.


Check out the guy on the right who is tilting the glass so his friend will drink his weight in beer a little faster.


Even if you’re not German, you can be German is spirit by dressing up for the party – you’ll be glad you did. Last year, our friends who invited us (one of whom is German) had me dress up in a traditional dirndl. John, his brother and a friend wore suspenders, blue/white checked shirts and Bavarian hats. We felt like total wackos, especially since none of us has even a drop of German in us. But much to our relief, when we arrived we saw that lots of others were dressed up, too. And everyone at the party – I mean EVERYONE – was on a mission to take their photo with someone wearing a dirndl or lederhosen. So we became pretty famous that night, and you can, too! Just braid that hair, strap on some suspenders and smile for the camera. Bottoms up, my friends!


When: 7pm on Friday, October 21 and Saturday, October 22, 2016

Where: Malaysian German Society, 250 Jalan Air Itam, next to Suffolk House

Ticket price:
MGS members, presale: rm10
Non-members, presale: rm30
Tickets at the event: rm35

To purchase tickets and get more info:

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