Acupuncture in Penang


Ah, acupuncture. Finally, proof that stabbing someone can indeed improve things. 🙂

Having had acupuncture in multiple countries, I’m happy to report that the treatments I get here in Penang are by far the most effective and least expensive that I’ve had anywhere in the world. And there’s no better place to get it than at the clinic that the local Chinese community swears by: Lah Wah Ee Hospital, which has been around since 1883. Having tried several acupuncture centers around the island, I can see why locals love Lam Wah Ee Acupuncture so much – now I swear by it, too. The clinic has multiple acupuncturists and Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors for you to choose from, each with their own specialties, and at 30rm per treatment, it’s affordable for everyone. They also offer Medical Qigong, which is another branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Since the first time visiting can be a bit confusing to navigate on your own, how about we walk through it together?

Here’s the address:
Hospital Lam Wah Ee, 141 Jalan Tan Sri Teh Hwe Lim, 11600 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Monday – Saturday, 9am-12:15pm, and 1:45pm-5pm
Note: On Wednesdays, morning session only: 9am-12:15pm
Also note: Medical Qigong is offered on the same days/times, except they’re closed on Wednesdays.

Okay, so first, choose your doctor. At the time of writing this, there are 5 acupuncturists, each with their own areas of expertise. They all speak perfect English, they’re highly trained and very professional. To help you choose the right one for you, here are each of their office posters:




So now we’re ready to head over there! No appointment is needed – it’s first come, first served.

When you get to the campus, drive past the hospital entrance to the small green-roofed building beside it, which where the Acupuncture Center is located.

Lam Wah Ee building

Just inside the doors, you’ll see a little ticketing stand on your right. Press the bottom button to get a registration ticket.


Then look for your number to be called at the digital sign on the left side of the reception windows (indicated by the blue arrow).

Lam Wah Ee front desk

When called, you will need to give them your passport or Malaysian ID card for registration, the name of the doctor you’d like to see and 30rm for your treatment.

They will give you a registration card, which you need to bring to all future appointments (so no need for your passport), and a “tax invoice” slip with your number on it.


Watch for your number to come up on the digital display to the right of the reception window (indicated by the red arrow in the photo above). Then you go in to consult with your doctor. She/he will discuss your condition with you, take your pulse and look at your tongue. Then he/she will stamp your “tax invoice” slip and you’ll walk into the treatment area, where you’ll be shown to a curtained-off bed.


Then in a few minutes, you’ll look like this. 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 6.52.56 PM

After the needles are in, you just lie there and relax until an aide comes to remove them, which is usually about 20-40 minutes later, depending on your treatment.

If your doctor prescribes Chinese herbs, you can pick them up and pay for them at the reception desk on your way out. They usually run 10rm per packet of medicinal herbs.

And then you’re done!

If you need acupuncture in Penang, definitely make a point of visiting Lam Wah Ee Acupuncture Clinic. (Sorry for that terrible pun – I couldn’t help myself).

15 thoughts on “Acupuncture in Penang

    • It’s so wonderful to hear that you’re finding it helpful, Kate! I always wonder if I’m just talking to myself when I’m posting these stories, so it’s really great to know that someone else finds this info useful.


      • You MUST write more. It’s after midnight. We move to Penang on Saturday. The removalists arrive at 8am tomorrow but I’m awake reading your blog when I should be sleeping. It’s great – the blog, not my lack of common sense. Keep them coming!


  1. >> Finally, proof that stabbing someone can indeed improve things

    I thought this story was going in a different direction. If you want a stabbing to improve things I find it pays to be very careful in selecting the time and place.


  2. Salut ! 😊
    Merci beaucoup pour cette page, je suis allé là-bas pour mon genou, et je t’avoue que je n’aurais pas osé faire le premier pas ! Ils sont très accueillant et très gentil.
    Pour une premier expérience en accupponcture, j’ai été rassuré et ils se sont bien occupé de moi ! 😊
    Merci beaucoup à toi !


  3. Thank you so much for the recommendation to this clinic and the fool proof directions! Just had my second treatment! You made it so easy! The number 11 bus takes you from Komtar right to the main gate!


    • I’m so happy to hear that the article helped you! It was a bit confusing for me the first time I went there, so I figured it would be good to save others from looking and feeling as bewildered as I did. 🙂 It’s a fantastic clinic, isn’t it?


  4. Dear Cimeron
    Your acupuncture and Health Wellness Clinic articles inspired me to come to Penang. I am now in Singapore and I intend to travel to Penang soon.
    I have signed up for a short-term course at the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but now I prefer to travel to Penang before the course starts in late February 2018.
    I too have tried acupuncture everywhere, with the last time in the Yucatan Peninsula.
    Other than Airbnb, which may have limited choices, may I have your recommendations on where I can find comfortable and affordable lodging near Hospital Lam Wah Ee. Could you tell me where I can inquire about renting a room in the hospital vicinity. Thank you and I look forward to hear from you soon.


  5. Dear Cimeron,

    Thank you for the detailed info and recommendation of this hospital for acupuncture. I have just come back from there, and everything was so easy thanks to your clear directions. I’ve had my first treatment for a herniated disc in my back and will see how I feel. The doctors seem very professional and there was no wasted time. I appreciate your help!


  6. Hi, thank you for sharing this amazing blog! I am a Penangite and looking for a good place to do acupuncture treatment. Can i know how many needles were used to poke on your face?


    • Hi Alwahnie, nice to meet you. Personally, I find the acupuncturists at Lam Wah Ee are excellent, and their services are the most affordable on the island. As for how many needles they used on my face, it varies each time – it totally depends on what the acupuncturist feels you need on any given day. I hope your experience there is as good as mine. 🙂


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